Youtube Fan Finder Services – and it’s free

The “Fan Finder” services that YouTube introduced recently, is one of the greatest opportunities out there for any web series, better if it’s already out and certainly if it’s about to launch! A free promotional video that will run in front of other videos, just like an ad, that will allow you to promote your channel.

You will not have to pay anything (at least for now), and, if you make the right piece, you will potentially grow your subscribers and views! Now, which videos are shown is determined by an algorithm and it’s not clear on how it works, still you can only assume that YouTube wants to connect the ecosystem more that it already is.

As for the video ad, they propose that videos should be short, like 30 seconds long. That is a “good” length for an ad.

The key here is that after 5 seconds the audience can choose to skip the video to watch what they wanted to watch in the first place. So that is a bummer, although when I am the viewer I am happy I have to sit through the ad for only 5 seconds. But they great thing is that now we have those 5 seconds, for free, to potentially get in front of people that we would have not otherwise.  [Read more...]

Before you start crowdfunding! Watch this!

The theme of the blog for the next 42 days might be Crowdfunding! Because that is what we are working on right now.

The people at Film Courage have put together a very very really awesomely helpful video about crowdfunding and what to consider before, during and after your campaign.

Check it out! Let us know what you think!

A video about what you need to have ready before you go into your crowdfunding campaign! Whethere it is IndieGogo or Kickstarter or any other platform, the principles all stand.

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******** Another Move in Pro of Web Series Producers

Blip.tvI have said many times on twitter, in this blog, in Facebook, and over coffee and beer with my friend: is the most producer friendly distribution and advertisement partner for almost all web series producers (maybe not the exact words, but more or less).

Today (June 1st 2011), from their brand NY office, co-founder announced they have created a distribution partnership with The Collective (I didn’t know who they where either).

So the web series from The Collective (Fred, iJustine, The Annoying Orange, among others.) will be distributed and sold (to advertisers) by, and this will include the youtube channels (if have not used or are not familiar with it, distribute to many other sites, including YT).

This is a great news for any web producer, and not just the once that work with The Collective, because it is starting to legitimize a medium that has been somewhat just observed from the outside by investors and advertisers to see what happens.

Here is the video of the announcement. What do you think? Does it make you happy?


Watch live streaming video from bliptv at

Announcing the Web Series Marketing Checklist! – Get it FREE!!!

Looking for a quick reference guide to your web series marketing strategy? A little map that can help you navigate your promotion efforts for your web show? Should you just put it up in YouTube and wait for people to come?

NOO!!! you need to promote it, you need to market it, you need to announce to the world that it exist, that it is awesome, and that they have to watch it! But how to go about it? What do you need to do!?

The Checklist


I have created this Checklist with 15 actionable items that will move you forward to getting you web show in front of your audience. To get your free copy sign up for my awesome newsletter in the form on the side bar. Twice a month I will email you with important tips on web show and web series creation, production and distribution.

The Checklist mostly actionable elements for your “Online Marketing Priorities”, few more for your “Offline Marketing” and “Other Marketing Elements” that will be very helpful to have in place!

It also has a space where you can add your own elements, because I believe that not all web series are the same, so your show might have to add some other actions or not take ones that I have included. It will depend on your needs!

Remember, to use the sidebar form to get your FREE copy of WEB SERIES MARKETING – THE CHECKLIST.

Hope you find the information valuable. Would love to know what you think.


Are Web Series The New Short Films?

The more people I talk to, the more I hear the phrases: “My web series is a labor of love, I can’t expect to make money. It’s just to show the world what I can do.” Exactly what everyone was saying 5 or 7 years go when they talked about their short films. People put short films and web series in the same category.

Now, when you make a short film, they are usually anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes long, but really over 15 minutes is not really a that short any longer. Even the festivals have a hard time adding it to their programs when they start getting longer.

On the other hand, must narrative web series are divided in seasons. Usually anywhere from 3 to 7 episodes. Around 5 to 10 minutes each. So people are making up to 70 minutes of content (almost a feature film), not expecting to make any money from it. [Read more...]