Before you start crowdfunding! Watch this!

The theme of the blog for the next 42 days might be Crowdfunding! Because that is what we are working on right now.

The people at Film Courage have put together a very very really awesomely helpful video about crowdfunding and what to consider before, during and after your campaign.

Check it out! Let us know what you think!

A video about what you need to have ready before you go into your crowdfunding campaign! Whethere it is IndieGogo or Kickstarter or any other platform, the principles all stand.

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Web Series Development Part 2 – Your Team

Web Series Production TeamThe idea, the spark that makes web series, TV and film so magical, usually starts in one single brain… maybe two in some cases. But also truth, film, video, visual storytelling in general, don’t become a reality without a team of people that work hard to make it happen. That is what this post is about. The team that you will need to bring together as soon as you have your web series screenplay ready.

[Read more...] Another Move in Pro of Web Series Producers

Blip.tvI have said many times on twitter, in this blog, in Facebook, and over coffee and beer with my friend: is the most producer friendly distribution and advertisement partner for almost all web series producers (maybe not the exact words, but more or less).

Today (June 1st 2011), from their brand NY office, co-founder announced they have created a distribution partnership with The Collective (I didn’t know who they where either).

So the web series from The Collective (Fred, iJustine, The Annoying Orange, among others.) will be distributed and sold (to advertisers) by, and this will include the youtube channels (if have not used or are not familiar with it, distribute to many other sites, including YT).

This is a great news for any web producer, and not just the once that work with The Collective, because it is starting to legitimize a medium that has been somewhat just observed from the outside by investors and advertisers to see what happens.

Here is the video of the announcement. What do you think? Does it make you happy?


Watch live streaming video from bliptv at

Web Series Development Part 1 – From Idea to Paper

Making a web series is a long and demanding project. Very similar to a TV Pilot and a feature film. Just like them, the web series starts in development. This series is intended to guide you through the process if you have never done it, and to serve as a reminder if you have done it before.

At first I tried to make this a single post, but I realized it was becoming long and bulky, so I had to break it down into several installments. This will also be the first piece of a new section I will open next week: Web Series 101. [Read more...]